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Increasingly our livelihoods – and even our lives –are in the hands of millions of connected, software-dependent devices. The advent of the internet has led to advances that werepreviously unimaginable, and we have only begun to scratch the surface of the opportunitiesthat these new technologies present. Progress is not without its challenges, however, and ournewfound connectivity brings with it a host of threats to our security and privacy.

Almost daily,there are reports of major breaches of criticalsystems leading to theft of sensitive informationand damage to property – both intellectual and physical – with many more going unreported orunnoticed.

Just as developing the technology to power the internet has created countless opportunities for individuals, companies, and entire communities, developing and skillfully deploying the next generation of cybersecurity solutions presents immense opportunities. With a combination of assets spanning academia, government, and industry, South Carolina is uniquely positioned to capitalize on these opportunities to better protect citizens of the state and the nation while creating substantial economic benefit.



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