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Letter of Commendation
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Subject:  Letter of Appreciation for Mr. Tom Scott


I would like to take this I opportunity to thank Mr. Tom Scott for the exceptional job he has done as the first Executive Director of SC Cyber.  Tom’s leadership, vision and drive, has in two short years, taken a fledgling SC Cyber program and made it a truly effective South Carolina Cyber effort.  The accomplishments during the last two years are numerous and they include, three very successful Statewide Cyber Summits with world renowned speakers, professional SC Cyber webinars, building a SC Cyber team of committed industry, academic and government partners and integrating with government to better protect our State. 

The SC Cyber Consortium is an idea born from the keen understanding that the State of South Carolina and the region need to clearly understand the “software define world and economy” in which we all live.  We need to better protect our citizens and infrastructure, we need to prepare our workforce of today and tomorrow and we need to educate our leaders and citizens on the benefits and challenges of the Cyber world.  The success of SC Cyber has always been driven by a handful of leaders that clearly understand the critical need and importance of a Cyber protected, educated and savvy South Carolina.  Mr. Tom Scott has been that key leader in leveraging the talent of our industry, academic and government partners.

Tom will be stepping down as SC Cyber Executive Director for new Cyber challenges.  I know all the SC Cyber members, supporters and partners clearly understand the substantial impact he has had on SC Cyber and our State.  Tom’s performance as the Executive Director of SC Cyber has made the State of South Carolina better.  I wish Tom great success in his future endeavors.  “Meliorem Lapsa Locavit”, He has planted one better than the one fallen.



                                                                                      Lester D. Eisner

                                                                                      Major General (USA, Retired)

                                                                                      Founder SC Cyber





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